In 1993, the Spanish wine producer Vega Sicilia founded Tokaj Oremus. While respecting the traditions and values of Tokaj, they brought with them their philosophy of perfection to Hungary. Oremus was selected as “Winery of the Year” in 2001. Before the WWII, the estate in Tolcsva with the beautiful Mansion on it was owned by Károly Kurucz, who was the first President of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Growing Communities Council, founded in 1928. A total of 115 hectares of vineyards are found in 12 excellent growths all over the region, amongst them famous 1st Class Growths such as Deák, Henye, Cziróka, Gyopáros, Mandulás, Szentvér, Kútpatka and Oremus near Sátoraljaújhely, which gave the name to the winery. Oremus was the vineyard from which Chaplain Laczkó Szepsi harvested the botrytised grapes to make the first Aszú ever, to present it to Prince Rákóczi’s wife Zsuzsanna Lorántffy for Easter in 1631. The grape variety for this first Aszú was – Oremus (today named Zéta).

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A beautiful Essencia from the outstanding Danczka vineyard. Behind the beauty of this Essencia lies a powerful golden goddess, whose soul and magic is contained within the orange blossom honey nectar.
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„I have sent, last night, a box of Marischino Veritabile of Zara, which I got Jemmy Anderson to buy for me, and twelve bottles of Tokay. I have kept none for myself - being better pleased that you should have it.”
Admiral Nelson in a letter to Lady Emma Hamilton
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Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson

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