„Pig Rock“ First Class Growth

Archduke Joseph of Austria and Menyhert LonyayOnce mentioned among the eight most wellknown „dülös“ of Hegyalja, Disznókö is situated on the southern side of a Perlite-hillock, with open faces to west and east.

Archduke Joseph of Austria (1776-1847) and Count Menyhért Lónyay (1822-1884), two former owners of lots in the Disznókö vineyard

The name „Pig Rock“ refers to a large stone that was thought to resemble a wild boar. During the Imperial era, a famous owner of this vineyard was Count Menyhért Lónyay, who was Hungarian Prime Minister from 1867 and K.u.K. Minister of Finance after 1870. Also Archduke Joseph of Austria owned a vineyard on this tract. Today, this most outstanding vineyard of Mezözombor is exclusively owned by the wellknown Disznókö winery.

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tokaji disznoko Disznókö near Mezözombor. Today this vineyard is owned by the famous Disznókö winery. The old presshouse in this picture, called „Sarga Borház“, contains a restaurant today, and the winery's visitors centre.

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„Another glass, Watson!” said Mr. Sherlock Holmes as he extended the bottle of Imperial Tokay. ... „It is a good wine, Holmes.” - „A remarkable wine, Watson. Our friend upon the sofa has assured me that it is from Franz Josef’s special cellar at the Schoenbrunn Palace.”
from „His Last Bow”

Arthur Conan Doyle

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