Szarvas Dülö

„Stag´s Hill“ Great First Growth

Near Tarcal, on the southern side of the Tokaj Hill, Szarvas has been the most important property of the Rákoczis, until it was confiscated in 1714 on behalf of the Hapsburg Emperor Joseph I. During the 1800s, Szarvas became identified with the expression „Imperial Tokay“. Between the World Wars Szarvas was cultivated under the direction of The Royal Family Vineyard Administration. After 1950, Szarvas was directly under the supervision of the Viti-Vinicultural Research Institute in Tarcal, for which reason it became prime source for the Aszú Eszencia wines of the communist era. This vineyard was not for sale during the privatization process after the 1989 change, and remained property of Crown Estates of Hungary, which was formerly the State Winery.

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Tokaji from the Szarvasz vineyard in our shop:
>> 1957 Monimpex Aszú Eszencia

Tokaj Szarvas Szarvas Dülö near Tolcsva. One of the two Great 1st growths in the Tokaj winegrowing region, shown on a historical lithograph (by Gusztáv Keleti) from the Tokaj Hegyaljai Album, published in 1867.

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„Listen then, your grace; his majesty the King of Sweden -
I beg pardon, the Count Haga
I should have said - drinks nothing but tokay.” - „Well, am I so poor as to have no tokay in my cellar? If so, I must dismiss my butler.”
from „The Queen's Necklace”

Alexandre Dumas

Tokaji Dumas