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1972 Tokaji Aszú 5 put. "Gyopáros"

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price per liter: 850,00 €

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Hard to find: Tokaji from „Gyopáros“ vineyard - once the jewel amongst the vineyards owned by the famous Szirmay family, and classified as "First Class Growth". Released within the Museum Collection in 2012, so it is recently rebottled, tasted and certified by the cellarmaster of Crown Estates of Hungary.

cwn-5p72-et Producer: CROWN ESTATES OF HUNGARY
Location: Sátoraljaújhely
Vineyard: Gyopáros
Alcoholic Content: 12,8 % vol
Residual Sugar Content: 145,5 g/l
Sugarfree Extracts: 44,4 g/l
Acidity: 10,0 g/l
Bottle Size: 0,5 l

Contains sulfite.

incl. representative wood box

Opens with a salty mineral scent, followed by tinges of sunflower-seed, almond, cornel-berry, sorb and a little paté. Beautiful acids and vibrant character upon tasting, you could almost call it youthful. Not too heavy, yet elegant, with substantial coffee, cocoa and pipe tobacco, dried sour cherry and cherry, aged plum jam, along with an exciting line of citrus fruits. Unusually long finish, complex lot. Beautiful.

„Full of spirits, with some patience, it comes to life, consisting of a mix of dried fruits (plums, apricots, raisins, figs, chocolate with candied orange). Very slight medicinal-grassy on the palate, intense citric acid sensation, some of creamy honey, in which I seemed to discover some minerality as well.“, Dec 2013


The Gyopáros vineyard is situated NW of Tolcsva, bordered by the Patkó and Ciróka vineyard plots. It slopes to the SW at a degree of 10-15%. The terroir is brown forest soil with clay pockets containing small amounts of clay, with a high percentage of rhyolite. The base rock is deep stratum rhyolitic tuff. Kossuth mentioned this dülö near Tolcsva as "one of the jewels of the famous Szirmay vineyards" in 1903. This family was involved with the region and the Tokaji wine development from at least the 15th century, and had close relationship with the Rákóczi and Drugeth families. Antal Szirmay (1747-1812) became famous with his book from 1803, which determined to the very first time in the world, before any other wine region in Europe, the vineyards according to their classification based on communities established by the 1772 survey. Long time before the Szirmay family, in 1520, the town of Eperjes (today Presov in Slovakia), which already owned two vineyards in Tolcsva, purchased vineyard in Gyopáros.

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„Another glass, Watson!” said Mr. Sherlock Holmes as he extended the bottle of Imperial Tokay. ... „It is a good wine, Holmes.” - „A remarkable wine, Watson. Our friend upon the sofa has assured me that it is from Franz Josef’s special cellar at the Schoenbrunn Palace.”
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