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2005 Tokaji Aszú 6 put. "Mezes Mály"

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price per liter: 300,00 €

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Opulent 200 g/l of residual sugar come along with the 2005 six puttonyos Aszú from the "Honey-Pot", Tarcal's celebrated Mezes Mály vineyard (Great 1st Class in 1700). It is Royal Tokaji's most valuable Aszú from their range of growth selected Aszú wines.

roy-6p05mm-et Producer: ROYAL TOKAJI WINE CO.
Location: Mád
Grape Varieties: Furmint and Harslevelü
Vineyard: Mézes Mály
Alcoholic Content: 9,0 % vol
Residual Sugar Content: 200 g/l
Acidity: 11,5 g/l
Bottle Size: 0,5 l

Contains sulfite.

„Dark russet orange in color. Very oldstyle now, with controlled oxidation as a complexing factor. Evidently ullaged, but it has its own charm: the mists rolling in off the hills, the leaves silently decomposing as winter draws on, the barrels being trundled around the cellars. And all of the above echoes through the palate, too. The oxidation adds a little bite of its own to the cleansing bite of the acidity, and there’s no doubt that wines made in this style have ample umami. The autumn apple fruits are resonant ...“
Andrew Jefford, The World Of Fine Wine Magazine,
issue 40 (2013)


Mézes Mály near Tarcal is one of the two Great First Growths in Tokaj. In the text of the 1700 classification this vineyard stands out as the very finest - described as Pro Mensa Caesaris Primus Haberi - ‘to be the first choice at the Royal table’. 11 hectares of Mezes Maly are jointly owned by Royal Tokaji and Hugh Johnson. The French pioneering wine writer André Jullien (1766-1832), wrote in 1816 in his "Topographie de Tous Les Vignobles Connus" about this vineyard: "The wine of the cru of the mountain Mezes-Malé does not enter commerce; it is destined in its totality for the caves of the emperor and those of some magnates who posses some vineyards there."

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