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2000 Úri Borok Tokaji Essencia

Price: 650,00 €
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price per liter: 1300,00 €

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Producer: ÚRI BOROK

From the tiny Úri Borok estate in Mad owned by Vincent Gergely comes this remarkable Essencia with 800(!)g/l residual sugar, as thick as motor oil, with a concentration of flavours and aromas that has to be experienced to be believed. This is not so much a wine as we usually understand it, but a kind of quintessence of the grape. Absolutely mindblowing.
Úri Borok's Essencias are aged in 2 parts. About half the production is aged in a glass container which hold 5-10 gallons and is not fermented. This is pure juice without any alcohol. The other half is aged in a small wood barrel and because of the incredible concentration ferments very slowly. After aging for 7+ years the wines are combined and the alcohol content might be around 2%.

Producer: ÚRI BOROK (Vince Gergely)
Location: Mád
Grape Varieties: 80% Furmint, 10% Harslevelü, 10% Muscat Lunel
VineyardS: Szent Tamás, Danczka, Bojta
Alcoholic Content: 2 % vol
Residual Sugar Content: 800 g/l
Bottle Size: 0,5 l

Contains sulfite.

„My wife and I tried this at the winery with the owner/winemaker Vince Gergely. At the end of our tasting, Vince walked into the room with a glass container that he was holding like a baby and poured some of the unfermented Eszencia into our glasses. Did I mention that 2000 was an absolutely stellar year in the Tokaji region? Well it was. I tried this wine and just sat there motionless. How could a wine be furry? It felt furry in my mouth. This wine was thick like the consistency of a very runny honey. It felt furry and yet it almost floated on my palate. It was light and airy and my tastebuds just about exploded. Super ripe pear, pure sugarcane, orange marmalade and peaches came to mind. This was like nothing, NOTHING, that I have ever tried. I swallowed my first sip and sat at the table dumbfounded. I knew I swallowed the wine. I could feel it go down my throat. Yet I could have sworn that the wine was still in my mouth. I sat there smacking my lips and trying to swallow it again. The length of this wine put every other wine I ever had to shame. And this first sample he poured for us didn't even have alcohol in it. Vince then asked us to follow him and he took us to the barrel which contained the 2nd half of the barrel sample of this wine. This part of his 2000 Eszencia contained about 1-2 % alcohol at this stage. He poured some for us. The acidity in this sample was noticeably higher. The same flavors swirled on my palate. This sample had a little less body than the first. Somehow I was able to stay on my feet while tasting this wine. These 2 samples will compliment each other very well. Every once in a while a wine comes along which expands the boundaries of your thinking of what a wine can be. This was one of those wines for me. 100 points., June 2011

„Literally off the scale ... Hugely sweet, rich and jelly-like, with primary and surprisingly fresh fruit despite low acidity, although what little acidity there is, is gorgeously ripe and aromatic, providing a quality of retro-olfaction only German TBA and Tokaji Esszencia achieves. Both the low acidity and exceptional purity are no doubt due to the sunny weather and late harvest with barely any botrytis. What is more difficult to explain is why this has never even started to ferment. When I wondered whether this could have to do with the warm and sunny autumn weather, Vince answered he was convinced there must be yeasts in this and that he had no explanation. During our second visit we could taste this both from glass demijohn and oak Gönci. The former sample was extremely fat and sweet, subjectively even more low-acid, and primary almost beyond belief, but very long on the finish. The latter was also pale yellow-coloured and only a little more developed, but that sojourn in oak still made all the difference - this is gorgeous stuff of rare florality. Why this refuses to oxidize in oak is another question we were unable to answer ... “
David P.,, July 2003

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