In the 18th century, chieftain Rákóczi II owned most vineyards in the Tokaj region. He used Tokaji wines as diplomatic gifts during the struggle for independence from the Hapsburg dynasty. Through generous wine gifts he tried to get the Sun King Louis XIV, Frederick I of Prussia and the Russian Tsar Peter the Great on his side. Although the rebellion failed in 1711, the monarchs did not forget the wine. Tokaji became the most sought after wine amongst European rulers and noblemen ...
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In Russia, Tokaji wine became closely associated with the Romanov dynasty. Customers included Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and Empress Elisabeth. The Tsar’s Court even established its own commission in the town of Tokaj with the aim to assure regular wine deliveries to St. Petersburg ...
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A beautiful Essencia from the outstanding Danczka vineyard. Behind the beauty of this Essencia lies a powerful golden goddess, whose soul and magic is contained within the orange blossom honey nectar.
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„Another glass, Watson!” said Mr. Sherlock Holmes as he extended the bottle of Imperial Tokay. ... „It is a good wine, Holmes.” - „A remarkable wine, Watson. Our friend upon the sofa has assured me that it is from Franz Josef’s special cellar at the Schoenbrunn Palace.”
from „His Last Bow”

Arthur Conan Doyle

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