Joseph Haydn

The 31 March 2012 marked the 280th anniversary of Joseph Haydn. For this occasion, posthumous honor has been contributed to the Austrian composer: In a ceremony, held in the mausoleum at the Mountain Church in Eisenstadt/Austria, the European Knighthood of the Wine will raise him in their ranks. For decades, Haydn lived and worked in Eisenstadt in the service of Prince Esterházy. It was also fine wine, where he found a source of inspiration.

A portion of his salary was a payment in wine of 5 liters a day. It must be said that this quantity was supplied to his whole household, including servants. From Haydn's later years some letters exist, where the composer asked Tokaji wine for his health, says Walter Reicher, director of the International Joseph Haydn Private Foundation, remembering a story: Prince Esterházy, who had own vineyards in Tokaj, intented to provide a coach to the older Haydn. „Haydn thanked very politely for this tremendous honor.“ Then he meant, „he would prefer it if he could turn this into a payment in Tokaji wine. That would be even more conducive to his health. It was then that way.“

Joseph Haydn

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