About Tokaji

The historic Tokaj-Hegyalja wine-growing region is located in the northeastern part of Hungary, close to the borders to Slovakia and Ukraine. The area is only 275 square kilometers in size (55 km long and 30 km wide). Today the area under cultivation measures around 6200 hectares. Four percent of the area cover Slovakian territory. Tokaj-Hegyalja became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, and has the world´s oldest classification of vineyards.
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Nowadays, mainly the indigenous Hungarian grape varieties Furmint and Hárslevelü, and, to a small extent, Muscat Lunel are used to produce the famed wines of Tokaji.
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A beautiful Essencia from the outstanding Danczka vineyard. Behind the beauty of this Essencia lies a powerful golden goddess, whose soul and magic is contained within the orange blossom honey nectar.
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„I do not like the sour, I'd have you know; Give me a glass that's really sweet!” - „You'll see, at once Tokay will flow.”
from „Faust”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tokaji Goethe