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Since 1971 the Tóth family is producing own wines as a family winery. Their cellar, located in the middle of the old town of Tokaj, is over 300 years old. The Tóth family owns 3.5 hectares of prime vineyards, of which 2 hectares are on Palota dülö at the foot of Tokaj mountain. This small tract (not to be confused with the Palota Hill in Tállya) already existed in 1573, and is part of the southeast-facing Kis-Mézesmáj vineyard, which was rated 1st Class in 1798 and 1867. Another 1.5 hectares are in Holdvölgy ("Moon Valley") at the north-western corner of Mád. Holdvölgy was rated 2nd Class in 1798 and 1867.

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A beautiful Essencia from the outstanding Danczka vineyard. Behind the beauty of this Essencia lies a powerful golden goddess, whose soul and magic is contained within the orange blossom honey nectar.
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„I do not like the sour, I'd have you know; Give me a glass that's really sweet!” - „You'll see, at once Tokay will flow.”
from „Faust”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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