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2016 Tokaji Essencia "Kincsem"

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Producer: EVINOR

Sándor Simkó´s flagship from Tolcsva´s first class rated Kincsem vineyard, which is considered amongst the foremost vineyards of Hegyalja. A pure 100% Harslevelü Essencia. Comes in a small 0,25L bottle with a nice wood box.

evi es08 et Producer: EVINOR (Sándor Simkó)
Location: Sárospatak
Grape Varieties: 100% Hárslevelü
Vineyard: Kincsem
Alcoholic Content: 2,7 % vol
Residual Sugar Content: 478,0 g/l
Sugarfree Extracts: 76,4 g/l
Acidity: 11,0 g/l
Bottle Size: 0,25 l

Contains sulfite.

Kincsem vineyard
1st Class Growth

The Kincsem vineyard is situated 1.5 km East of Tolcsva, bordered by the Kopaszka, Dobra and Zsadányi plots. Elevation above sea level is 150-250 metres, and it slopes S-SW by 5-15 %. The terroir is brown forest soil with clay pockets. The base rock is rhyolitic tuff. Water balance is fairly good as a consequence of high clay content, making it an excellent soil for growing vine even in the years of drought. The open hills, with the old Waldbott residence on their top, have perfect exposure to the sun and are close to the Bodrog river flood plain to benefit from the misty mornings that create the best conditions for botrytis. Wines from Kincsem are known for their rich fruit and firm acidity. While in older publications, it was just implicit alluded in mention of Zsadány-hegy, Kincsem (which in Hungarian means "My Treasure") gained its reputation after the phylloxera. Kossuth said in 1903, that Kincsem was "amongst the foremost vineyards" of Hegyalja, and related that after phylloxera it had been strikingly replanted by the owner Baron Friedrich Waldbott, with the effect that a banker offered a huge sum for the vineyard. Kincsem is named after the invincible Hungarian racehorse, that still today helds the unbeaten record of having won 55 races for 55 starts in the 1870's and 1880's.

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