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Established in 1993 by Vince Gergely, the Úri Borok winery is a family company with 10.4 ha vineyards in three different sites: Bojta, Danczka and the prominent Szent Tamás vineyard, of which they have the most beautiful part, the southern slope. The management is determined by low yields and late, selective harvest. Grape processing and aging take place in our 400 meter long and over 300 years old cellar, which was formerly owned by Baron Orczy. Vince Gergely makes his wines mainly from old Furmint and Harslevelü vines, although he uses Muscat Lunel in the preparation of his fermenting must. The name Úri Borok refers to a winery which existed in Mád between the World Wars. This producer was rated "outstanding", (amongst Szepsy and Royal Tokaji), in Parker´s Wine Buyer´s Guide.Uri Borok Vince Gergely