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1975 Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos

Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos
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Year: 1975
Vineyard: Tolcsva
Maturation (Years): 21
Alcoholic Content: 11.8 % vol
Residual Sugar Content: 166 g/l
Acidity: 9.0 g/l
Sugarfree Extracts: 50.9 g/l
Content: 0.5 l

Contains sulfite.

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tasting notes:

"Sweet cherry and baked tomato aromas are a bit reminiscent of a liquorous pinot. Toasted nuts and caramel along with a resinous, smoky, high-toned note not unlikereally fine old Calvados - clearly a case of very attractive oxidation. Long smoky, nutty finish."
One Star; "Especially Successful"
Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar (1998)

"Clear, bright amber/gold. Wonderful scent of clover honey, without a hint of the funky quality of many of the older Tokajis that preceded the fall of the Iron Curtain. Remarkably fresh on the palate. Honey and golden currants; rich sweetness nicely-structured with fresh-fruit acidity."
Robin Garr's Wine Lover's Page (1998)

"Wine tasting. Deep flavors of apricot and peach with great honey character as well on the palate. Rich and floral aromatics. Good intensity and depth with great acidity and texture.Will last for decades to come. 93 points." (12/2013)

"Rich, vivid gold colour. Complex nose features caramel, dried fruits (especially raisins and dried apricots), lemon peel, spice and brown sugar. Sweet on the palate, with great balancing acidity, the wine is crammed with layers of ripe fruit. Fresh, clean finish and very long length - irresistable." (11/2013)

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